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Northeastern University
  • Position Number: 5149712
  • Location: Portland, ME
  • Position Type: Computer and Information Technology

Assoc. Dir - AI Solutions Hub

About the Opportunity

About the Institute

Do you want to be part of an exciting new Institute focused on the fusion of human and machine intelligence into working AI solutions?

We are launching a pioneering research and innovation hub in AI-one that will shape the way humans and machines collaborate for decades to come. Led by Dr. Usama Fayyad, the Institute for Experiential AI (EAI) is built around the challenges and opportunities made possible by human-machine collaboration. The Institute provides a framework to design, implement, and scale AI-driven technologies in ways that make a true difference to society. Our ability to respond to the opportunities afforded to society will depend on training and building a workforce that is AI-capable and prosperous.

Founded in 1898, Northeastern is a global research university and the recognized leader in experience-driven lifelong learning. Our world-renowned experiential approach empowers our students, faculty, alumni, and partners to create impact far beyond the confines of discipline, degree, and campus.

The Culture:

Here at the Institute of Experiential AI (IEAI) we are committed to the highest of standards in all that we do. Working at the Institute of Experiential AI offers opportunities, an environment, a culture that just aren't found together anywhere else. This is the right place for you if you're curious, motivated by the future of technology, and want to be part of a unique community that works on high-impact business and societal problems.


As a key leader within the AI Solutions Hub (AISH), this position is essential for leading a team of data scientists, data engineers, and AI experts towards delivering impactful data science and AI projects for industry partners and researchers. Responsibilities include team building, ensuring cohesive efforts towards innovative solutions; people and project management, overseeing project timelines and team dynamics; and technical leadership in architecting AI solutions that address responsible AI principles.

The role demands active cross-functional collaboration with the stakeholders at The Institute for Experiential AI (EAI) and possibly at Roux Institute, and direct client interfacing to tailor solutions that exceed expectations. Beyond project delivery, this role contributes to the development of AI products, solutions, and services, as well as acquiring datasets for research, and using AI strategically to support the Institute's mission. Additionally, it involves sharing expertise through data science and AI courses, enhancing professional development across the University and industry sectors.


Education & Experience:
  • Advanced degree (MSc/PhD) in Computer Science, Engineering, Applied and Computational Mathematics, Statistics, or a related field, complemented by at least ten years of professional experience in data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
  • Proven experience in leading and managing technical teams, with a strong ability to foster team building, ensure cohesive efforts, and manage project timelines effectively. This includes experience in mentoring and developing data scientists, data engineers, and AI experts.
  • Demonstrated technical leadership in the design and architecture of AI solutions, with a deep understanding of responsible AI principles and their application in real-world contexts.
  • Extensive experience in cross-functional collaboration, particularly with external stakeholders, and a proven track record of successful client interfacing and management, showcasing the ability to tailor solutions that meet and exceed client expectations.
  • Proven ability to communicate complex technical concepts to both technical and non-technical stakeholders, translating business problems into technical specifications.
  • Experience in contributing to the development of AI products, solutions, and services, including the strategic use of data science, and acquiring datasets for research purposes.
  • Experience in contributing to or leading data science and AI educational initiatives, courses, or professional development programs within an academic or industry setting is highly desirable.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
  • Advanced knowledge in applied statistics, including expertise in distributions, statistical testing, regression, etc.
  • Professional experience developing machine learning solutions and applying them in real-world scenarios.
  • In-depth expertise in Predictive AI, including advanced proficiency in automated machine learning (AutoML) for efficient model development and expertise in machine learning operations (MLOps)

    practices to streamline the deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of machine learning models in

    production environments.
  • Expert proficiency in Generative AI, with extensive experience using frameworks and libraries such as

    PyTorch, TensorFlow, LangChain, HuggingFace, demonstrating a capacity to architect advanced AI

  • Demonstrated experience with foundational AI models, with the ability to select, adapt, and apply these

    models effectively in the development of innovative AI solutions that adhere to responsible AI principles.
  • Extensive industry experience in specialized AI domains such as natural language processing (NLP),

    computer vision, and forecasting, showcasing a comprehensive technical leadership capability.
  • Strong proficiency in programming and data analysis with languages such as Python and R. Experience in

    commercial software development related to delivering AI/ML products, solutions, and services.
  • Extensive experience with SQL and NoSQL database systems, ensuring the ability to oversee the

    development and maintenance of complex data platforms.
  • Proven ability to solve logical problems for technical applications, underpinning the development of AI

    products, solutions, and services that address pressing organizational issues.
  • Experience in leading and managing multidisciplinary teams of data scientists, data engineers, and AI

    experts, emphasizing team building, people management, and project management skills.
  • Strong communication skills for effective collaboration with cross-functional EAI and Roux Institute

    stakeholders, and direct client interfacing, ensuring solutions are tailored to exceed expectations.
  • Capacity to contribute strategically to the acquisition of datasets for research and the application of data

    science to support the Institute's mission, alongside sharing expertise through data science and AI courses

    for professional development across the University and industry sectors.
  • Experience with Agile / Scrum development practices, facilitating efficient project management, team

    collaboration, and rapid iteration of AI products.

Preferred Experience:
  • Advanced experience with distributed data systems such as Apache Spark, indicating a strong capability in handling and processing large-scale data essential for complex AI projects.
  • Proven expertise in analyzing large, complex, multi-dimensional datasets with a variety of tools, emphasizing a deep understanding of data science methodologies to drive insights and decision-making.
  • Substantial experience in hypothesis testing, A/B testing, and other statistical methods, showcasing an ability to rigorously validate AI models and improve solution performance.
  • Proficiency in Linux and version control software (git), reflecting solid software development skills necessary for managing a technical team and overseeing project development.
  • Strong familiarity with object-oriented programming languages such as Python, Java, C#, or C++, essential for developing and implementing AI solutions.
  • Ability to perform in a player-coach role, leading by example and fostering professional growth among team members through hands-on leadership and mentoring.
  • Significant experience in leading cross-functional collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, including The Institute for Experiential AI (EAI) and Roux Institute, to ensure the delivery of innovative and effective AI solutions.
  • Proven track record in client interfacing and management, adept at understanding client needs, managing expectations, and delivering bespoke AI solutions that exceed those expectations.
  • Contributions to the development of AI products, solutions, and services, as well as strategic acquisition of datasets for research, demonstrating a commitment to advancing the Institute's mission and supporting organizational objectives.
  • Engagement in knowledge sharing through data science and AI courses, contributing to the professional development within the University and across industry sectors, underlining a dedication to education and skill enhancement.

Values & Abilities:
  • Strong aptitude for independently learning new technologies, prototyping, and proposing innovative pipeline design, reflecting the technical leadership required to guide AI solution development.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills, essential for effective client interfacing,

    stakeholder collaboration, and the dissemination of knowledge through data science and AI courses.
  • A proactive drive to continuously learn new technologies, statistical methods, and data manipulation

    techniques, underpinning the technical expertise necessary for architecting advanced AI solutions.
  • Ability to communicate effectively across both academic and industry spheres, facilitating cross-

    functional collaboration and ensuring that AI solutions meet the diverse needs of partners and

  • Team player mentality with a strong capacity for collaboration across multiple teams within the

    University and beyond, promoting cohesive efforts towards innovative solutions.
  • Open-mindedness and assertiveness in collaboration, crucial for navigating the complexities of

    cross-functional work with stakeholders at The Institute for Experiential AI (EAI) and within

    Northeastern University.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset coupled with the ability to navigate complex structures and processes,

    reflecting the adaptability and strategic thinking required for leading a fast-growing team committed

    to innovation and the ethical use of AI technology.
  • Leadership qualities that inspire and motivate team members, fostering a culture of teamwork,

    continuous improvement, and dedication to solving pressing organizational issues with AI.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage projects efficiently, ensuring that project timelines are met, and team

    dynamics are positive, highlighting a commitment to excellence in people and project management.
  • Commitment to responsible AI principles, guiding the development of AI solutions that are not only

    innovative but also ethically sound and socially responsible.

Position Type

Academic Administration

Additional Information

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